White Tooth Colored Fillings Tulare

More Natural Looking & Healthier Option

White tooth colored fillings are one of the most common cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedure performed at our dental practice here in Tulare.  The tooth will have a more natural look and white tooth fillings are considered healthier than the traditional amalgam metal fillings.

The white tooth filling is made of a very durable mixture of plastic and glass, which when being applied, is very pliable giving it the ability to be precisely molded to create the look of a natural tooth.

Once we have drilled the tooth, a bonding agent is applied and the filling is then added and molded to the desired shape.  We then cure (harden) it with a special light and the excess material is then removed.  We complete the process by giving the filling a final shaping and polishing.

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Composite White Tooth Fillings

Why White Tooth Fillings Are the Best

In most cases, when our patients need a filling, we prefer tooth-colored fillings over metal amalgam for a variety of reasons. Thanks to advanced dental technology, white fillings made of composite materials can be used to fill small to medium-sized cavities and are great for adding strength to the tooth being repaired.  They require less removal of the existing tooth enamel than metal filings, and are great for adding strength to a tooth. The bonding process allows the composite material to adhere nicely with the tooth enamel, which improves the tooth’s durability and integrity.  Also, white fillings will not be affected by temperature changes, so there is no concern of fracture.  Tooth-colored fillings are also color-matched to your tooth shade, so they blend in wonderfully with natural enamel.



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